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Jobs You Can Do Without A Work Permit In Canada

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Do you intend to work in Canada but are unsure about the requirements for your work permits? Since 2021, thousands of new employment have been created in Canada, and established companies are also seeking to add qualified workers.

The complicated procedures for obtaining a work visa for immigration to Canada have some respite, though. In Canada, a number of jobs don’t need a work visa, so that’s one less step to worry about while applying for immigration.

Let’s look at several positions that you can apply for without first obtaining a work visa.



Twenty Canadian Jobs That Don’t Need Work Permits:

  1. Athletes and team members
  2. Aviation accident or incident inspectors
  3. Civil aviation inspectors
  4. Clergy
  5. Convention organizers
  6. Crew
  7. Emergency Service providers
  8. Examiners and evaluators
  9. Expert witnesses or investigators
  10. Farm work
  11. Foreign government officers
  12. Foreign representatives
  13. Healthcare students
  14. Implied status
  15. Judges, referees, and other officials
  16. Military personnel
  17. News reporters
  18. Off-campus work
  19. On-campus work
  20. Performing arts

Facts about Jobs Without Work Permits in Canada

  • Canada has agreements with certain countries allowing youth to work and travel without a work permit through programs like International Experience Canada (IEC).
  • Exemptions include certain agricultural work, short-term guest speakers, and specific researcher roles.
  • Work opportunities without a permit also include foreign media representatives covering short-term events.
  • Canada encourages cultural exchange by allowing foreign artists and entertainers to perform without a work permit.
  • The Canadian government provides online resources to help individuals understand regulations related to working without a permit.

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