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How to Apply for a Visitor Visa to Canada

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You will likely need a Canadian Visitors Visa if you plan to travel to Canada for a brief period of time, often less than six months. People who want to visit to Canada for tourism are welcome there because of the country’s rich cultural heritage.

For a variety of reasons, including job, school, business, and many more, millions of foreign nationals have moved to Canada, and their testimonials have supported the value of the nation.

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In this article, we’ll walk you through the application procedure for a visitor visa to Canada and provide other crucial details you might require.


What is a Canada Visitors Visa?


A visiting visa is a temporary resident visa provided by the Canadian government to demonstrate that a person is eligible to enter Canada for vacations, tourism, or to see relatives.


While a visitor’s visa allows you to enter Canada, the officers can still stop you at the Port of Entry (POE) if you have any criminal intents, even after the visa has been granted.

Below are the most important information and application you need before relocating to Canada.

Difference Between Single Entry Visa and Multiple Entry Visa



A multiple-entry visa permits you to enter Canada more than once, whereas a single-entry visa only allows you to do so once. You are automatically granted the type of visa you need based on your situation, thus you cannot specify it while asking for a visa.


Single Entry Visa

A single entry visa allows you to travel to Canada just once, and it lasts for six months. You may be given a single entry if:

  • you have a temporary entry visa to Canada, are a foreign national on an official visit, or qualify for a price exemption. You’re in Canada for a one-time event. You have access to some established, approved, and country-specific methods or recommendations.

If you leave Canada, you may need to reapply for a new visa to gain entry again.


Multiple Entry Visa

With a multiple entry visa, you can visit Canada as frequently as you’d like (six months at a time). Depending on which is shorter, the validity term can be up to 10 years or even just one month before your passport expires. By the time your visa expires, you must still be in Canada.


The automatic issuance of a visitor visa (often multiple entries) will allows holders of other status documents, such as a study permit or a work permit, who are otherwise not exempt from visa requirements, to enter Canada and pick up their permit.


Canada Visitor Visa Eligibility


  • Before you apply, you must be qualified to obtain a visiting visa for Canada. As a result, we’ve provided a list of prerequisites you must fulfill before applying. This comprises: A valid travel document is required (e.g. passport).



    To be in good health, you must You must not have any convictions for crimes or offenses involving immigration. You must persuade an immigration official that you have assets that will allow you to return to your nation, such as a job, a home, money, or family. When your visit term ends, you’ll need to persuade an immigration officer that you’re leaving Canada.

    must have enough money to take care of yourself as you stay in Canada (this depends on how long you will stay and where you will stay, hotel, with friends or relatives.)

A medical examination and letter of invitation from someone who lives in Canada may be needed.



Who is Inadmissible to Canada?

There are a lot of reasons one can be inadmissible to Canada. Being inadmissible to Canada means that you cannot enter Canada, and below are some reasons:

  • Criminal activity human rights violations organized crimeSecurityHealthFinancial reasons.

Canada Visitor Visa Requirements / Documents

Application for a Canadian visitor visa requires some documents, and they are as follows:

  • standard prerequisites for a visa to Canada. Application for a visitor visa to Canada. To demonstrate that you have enough money for your travel to Canada, provide bank or other financial statements. If you have already purchased your airline ticket, you might only need to provide a brief explanation of your plans after you arrive in Canada. A Canada visa letter will work if you require an invitation letter from your relatives or friends to visit them. Relationship documentation if you are visiting relatives. immigration status of relatives or friends. Bank statements for loved ones or friends, or other financial records. a declaration in writing from you to the Canadian government outlining your case for a visitor’s visa.


  • Two photos that meet the Canada Photo Requirements.Your education status or employment status through a resume or diplomas, alongside a letter from your employer stating your contractual obligations to fulfill and you must return to your home country.Proof that your stay in Canada is temporary and you will go back to your home country once your visit is over. (prove includes; lease, property deed, and so on.Proof that you do have plans to work or study in Canada.Documents from the court that prove you have a clean criminal history.

If your documents are in languages other than English or French, they should be translated and these are the two main languages in Canada.

Canada Visitor Application And  How to Apply

Applying for a Canadian visitor visa can be done either online or on paper, whichever way you decide depending on your choice, except your country doesn’t qualify for another kind of application.

Some countries’ nationals do not need a visa to enter Canada – Check if you qualify for this.

How to Apply on Paper

Application fees are not refundable, therefore, make sure you need a visa before applying. Make sure you read the application package as it contains instructional guides and all the forms correctly.

Every person applying for a Canadian visitor visa must submit a completed form and if an individual is below 18 years of age, their parent or guardian will have to sign for them. Get the application package here.


Submit your application

Families must submit all of their individual applications together. Any place where the principal applicant’s application will be processed will require them to ship all the packages there.

The accompanying paperwork listed below must be submitted with your application:

the authentic travel passport excellent quality (minimum 300 dpi) copies of your passports, including all of the pages with visas, over the last five years, both current and old. every page bearing stamps each page including your photo and biographical information, such as your name, date of birth, and passport number
Once you’ve gathered the necessary information, submit your application to the local Visa Application Center.

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