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Relocate Through the Express Entry Program, immigrate to Canada Now

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The Express Entry program was launched. It became the main route for skilled professionals to move to Canada in 2015, and it is currently the most well-known immigration system worldwide.

This makes Canada one of the best places to relocate, especially given its low cost of living, which has sparked interest among individuals all over the world.

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The rapid entry program is the most straightforward method of immigrating to Canada, and we’ll guide you through it all here to make sure you don’t make any mistakes.


Without further ado, let’s go.

Below are the most important information and application you need before relocating to Canada.

What is Canada Express Entry?

Express Entry is a mechanism of selection utilized by the Canadian government to choose skilled and qualified immigrants to meet specified labor shortages through particular economic immigration programs. It was started on January 1st, 2015.




Eligibility for Express Entry in Canada

Nothing complicated. Eligibility for Express Entry Canada doesn’t have a difficult process. Through a special point-based system known as the Express Entry Comprehensive Ranking System, applicants can determine whether they are eligible for Canada Express Entry (CRS).

The number of points you obtain through Express Entry CRS will depend on your position on the factors that Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) frequently finds significant to the success of the future economy for new immigrants to Canada.


The more CRS points you have, the greater your chances are of entering Canada using the Express Entry system. The expedited entry CRS’s goal is to select numerous immigrants who will have the best chance of achieving economic success after they settle in Canada.

Age, educational attainment, language ability in either French or English, and prior Canadian job experience are all variables that determine one’s eligibility for the Canadian Express Entry program.



The fact that there is no minimum score requirement for Canada Express Entry eligibility is beneficial because only those with the highest scores will be contacted to submit an application for Canadian permanent residency.

A person may also create an Express Entry profile if they satisfy the requirements of the Federal Skilled Worker Program, Canadian Experience Class, or Federal Skilled Trades Program.

How to Apply for Express Entry to Canada

If you want to use the Express Entry system to apply for immigration to Canada, you must;

  • Be registered with the Government of Canada’s Job Bank or have a valid job offer.
  • Get an Educational Credential Assessment (ECA). Note that if you have work experience in a skilled trade or recently worked a year in Canada, you do not need this.
  • Understand the National Occupational Classification and know the skill type your work experience falls under.
  • Participate in an approved language test and score above the required score for the program you qualified for.
  • Check the “Come to Canada online tool” to know if you meet these eligibility requirements.
  •  Meet up with the eligibility criteria for any of these programs.



Application Process

You can apply for express entry to Canada by following the instructions below.

  1. Goto myIRCC and create your Express Entry profile.
  2. Fill the form honestly with your personal and professional details. Some requirements include:
  • A valid passport or travel document (this may include other nationality identity documents)
  • Your Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) (if needed)
  • A written job offer from an employer in Canada (if available)
  • Some information about your work experience
  • Contact information
  • Some information about your family who would come with you to Canada
  • Language test results
  • Your National Occupational Classification job title and code
  • One copy of your provincial nomination (if available)
  • If you use the Come to Canada tool, you will be asked for your personal reference code.
  1. If you do not have a valid job offer or a provincial/territorial nomination, you must register with the Job Bank.



If you’re looking for a quick method to enter Canada as a skilled worker, you should investigate the Express Entry program. Many people have immigrated to Canada through this method, and more are doing so right now.

If there are any areas that need explanation, do let us know in the comment section below and we will be pleased to help.

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